The 5 Best Vibrators of 2024 | Reviews by Wirecutter

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The 5 Best Vibrators of 2024 | Reviews by Wirecutter

Shopping for sex toys can be intimidating, for first-time buyers and experienced users alike.

After 150 cumulative hours of research and testing—interviewing sex researchers, crowdsourcing opinions from enthusiasts, and analyzing data from 11 volunteers who have tried more than 30 different models since 2014—we’ve concluded that the cordless Magic Wand Rechargeable is the best vibrator for clitoral stimulation. And, like all Magic Wand models, it’s also useful as a whole-body massager.

No toy offers the level of power and intensity as the widely beloved Magic Wand. The intense stimulation it provides can be particularly helpful for people experiencing diminished libido or sensitivity.

This corded toy is almost identical in shape, size, and power to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, but it’s available at a lower price.

This toy offers strong vibrations, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a 15-year warranty, all at a fraction of the price of similar models.

This suction vibrator provides diffuse, customizable sensations in a small, convenient size.

The flexible pointed tip of this teardrop-shaped vibrator offers intense pinpoint stimulation, while the loop handle makes it easier than most to hold.

Body-safe sex toys are made of nonporous, nontoxic materials. The best are compatible with water-based lubricants and easy to clean.

Some toys with rechargeable batteries automatically shut off during use. If you don’t want to risk running out of power, consider a corded toy.

Battery capacity diminishes, and “water-resistant” toys can short. A warranty provides some peace of mind for nonreturnable purchases.

Determining what toy will work best for you based on reviews can be difficult because every person’s sexual response is different.

No toy offers the level of power and intensity as the widely beloved Magic Wand. The intense stimulation it provides can be particularly helpful for people experiencing diminished libido or sensitivity.

The Magic Wand has been a favorite of sex-toy enthusiasts for 50-plus years for good reason. Many of our testers described the Magic Wand Original as their “go-to” vibrator for clitoral stimulation, as it was almost always guaranteed to induce an orgasm when others could not. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is twice as expensive as the Original model, but its easy-to-clean silicone head, rechargeable battery, quieter motor, and greater variation in intensity and vibration patterns make it worth the extra cost. The toy is durable as well as functional: Its distributor, Vibratex, offers a one-year warranty, but several testers have reported that their Magic Wands have stood up to many years of frequent use.

This corded toy is almost identical in shape, size, and power to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, but it’s available at a lower price.

If you can’t get the Magic Wand Rechargeable—or you prefer a corded toy—the Magic Wand Plus offers similar features at a lower price. Although it lacks the cordless convenience and multiple vibration patterns of the Magic Wand Rechargeable, it offers the same power and several worthwhile upgrades over the Magic Wand Original, namely four power settings instead of two, as well as a detachable cord that you can replace to extend the life of the toy.

This toy offers strong vibrations, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a 15-year warranty, all at a fraction of the price of similar models.

The palm-sized Satisfyer Purple Pleasure vibrator hits the sweet spot as a high-quality, basic vibrator available at a significantly lower price than the competition. The oval shape of the vibrator is excellent for focused clitoral stimulation, and the device is small enough to be convenient for travel and for partner play. The toy is made from soft, easy-to-clean silicone, and the vibrations are powerful. This Satisfyer vibrator is a fantastic starter toy at a bargain price, especially considering its 15-year warranty.

This suction vibrator provides diffuse, customizable sensations in a small, convenient size.

The Dame Aer is the first suction vibrator that we’ve liked more than toys from Womanizer, the brand that pioneered similar oral-sex-simulating tech. Although the Aer is definitely noisier than some other suction toys we’ve tested, the larger nozzle creates a more diffuse, customizable suction sensation, and the slender, curved shape of the toy makes it comfortable to hold and easy to use. Our testers also raved that it charges quickly, holds a charge for a long time, and is super easy to clean thanks to its all-in-one waterproof silicone design.

The flexible pointed tip of this teardrop-shaped vibrator offers intense pinpoint stimulation, while the loop handle makes it easier than most to hold.

The Lelo Dot is the best precision-tip vibrator. Made of soft, flexible silicone, the intense vibrations stay focused in the ⅛-inch-wide tip of the toy without radiating into the hard-plastic loop handle, making it more comfortable for people with arthritis or limited hand or wrist mobility. The narrow tip also makes this vibrator a great toy for partner play, as it leaves plenty of room for other types of simultaneous stimulation.

I’m a full-time writer and sex educator who has tested more than 200 different sex toys in the past 25 years. I began blogging about sex toys in 2011, and I worked as a toy tester and copywriter for the retailer The Stockroom for several years.

I received my master of public health degree in 2014 from Indiana University, where I assisted research scientist Debra Herbenick with academic and consumer research related to sex-toy use. While at Indiana University, I worked as a blogger and sex educator at The Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender and Reproduction.

As part of my research for this guide, I consulted sex educators and owners of sex-toy shops. I’ve also consulted all manner of sex-toy users, from first-timers to people who use vibrators daily, including cis and trans people across gender identities and sexualities. Some of these people wished to remain anonymous, as noted wherever applicable in this guide.

Vibrators are for everyone. And they can be a godsend in particular for people who are unable to reach clitoral orgasm easily from manual masturbation, oral sex, or penetrative intercourse alone. (They can also be useful for people with penises, and many are also suitable for nipple stimulation, though clitoral stimulation is the focus of this review.)

But buying sex toys can be an intimidating experience for newbies and experienced users alike, and not just due to the buyer’s shyness. High-quality sex toys are often expensive and nonreturnable, you have hundreds (if not thousands) of sex-toy models to choose from, and the criteria for what makes a good sex toy can be highly subjective. Determining what toy will work best for you based on reviews can be difficult because every person’s sexual response is different. Nobody wants to spend $100-plus on a toy that turns out to be a dud.

We’ve focused on toys that will work well for most people, including beginners. We’ve also included a budget option for anyone who is looking to test the waters before diving in.

Some people may have specific needs when it comes to shopping for vibrators, including folks who are:

Aging and its accompanying hormonal and physical changes can impact sexual function for anyone. Social stigma is a major barrier to sexual health, too, as senior sex is sometimes viewed as taboo, especially for women. However, researchers have found that using sex toys is an excellent way to maintain sexual health as a person ages, and the North American Menopause Society says that vibrators can help individuals experiencing sexual problems in menopause. Joan Price, sex educator and author of Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud About Senior Sex, explains in her guide to vibrators for seniors that some people may need ergonomic toys that are easier to grip, vibrators that don’t transmit vibrations strongly into the handle, and button consoles that are easy to see and press. Slimmer toys or dilators may feel more comfortable for insertion, and toys that provide intense, deep stimulation can be helpful for those experiencing diminished libido or sensitivity. Sex therapist Venessa Farn emphasized in our interview the importance of using high-quality lube for increased comfort, and she suggested that those who are new to sex toys might want to select a model that offers a wide range of vibrational intensities in order to determine their preferred level of stimulation.

Body type and ability can impact sexuality in various ways and affect the selection of a vibrator. People who have limited physical mobility or chronic physical pain may benefit from using ergonomic, adaptive, or assistive technology. Carrie Sarah Kaufman, writer, educator, and creator of Disabled Parts, explained in our interview how sex toys can be a complete game changer: “I rely on toys and accessories a lot during sex—solo and otherwise. Pillows, props, wedges, cuffs, and rope help me get myself into comfortable positions. Vibrators and dildos allow me to reach places I otherwise couldn’t, on my body and also on partners’ bodies. They help do the work of penetration, massage, or intense stimulation that I don’t have strength or endurance for.” So-called hands-free toys, harnesses, and remote-control-operated devices are other examples of how sex toys can be made more user-friendly, according to sex educator Helen Being.

Autistic activist Ruby Stone emphasized in our interview that sensory-processing issues can cause certain sounds, textures, or other stimuli to feel extremely unpleasant. It may be preferable to handle the options in person, if possible, before selecting a toy to purchase.

Anorgasmia, low libido, genital pain or discomfort, or limited genital function can be factors. In cases of anorgasmia or low libido, a tried-and-true toy such as the Magic Wand may be preferable. An anonymous source who experiences the chronic genital pain condition vaginismus told us that she enjoys external clitoral stimulation but does not enjoy penetrative toys, so some experimentation may be necessary to find the toys that provide the right mix of stimulation and comfort.

Body size is a consideration, too. People with large bellies, for example, may need toys with longer handles in order to extend reach during use.

Two primary factors may impact sex-toy selection for trans, nonbinary, and other gender-diverse people. The first is the use of hormones or gender-affirming surgeries that may impact genital function in a variety of ways. Transmasculine and transfeminine sources we spoke with, who wished to remain anonymous, said they have needed more lube to protect dry or delicate tissues after starting hormone therapy, as well as more intense or different types of stimulation (this is especially true for trans women who have had bottom surgery). The second is the psychological component of genital dysphoria experienced by some trans and nonbinary people. Trans women may feel more comfortable using vibrators rather than toys marketed as “male strokers,” as it is more gender-affirming. Conversely, some of our transmasculine sources expressed a preference for air-suction or mini stroker toys that can be penetrated over traditional clitoral vibrators.

We identified several vibrator features that were most important to our experts, our testers, and a general sample of sex-toy owners:

If a toy was rechargeable, versatile, durable, waterproof, easy to clean, or covered by a solid warranty, we considered those attributes to be bonuses. Many people said they also desired an aesthetically pleasing toy with multiple color options.

Dealbreakers included poor-quality materials, a short battery life, a tendency to break easily, a lack of power, and a design that was awkward, inconvenient, or painful to use.

Across 10 years of testing, we’ve relied on 11 people with vulvas to compare clitoral toys. Those individuals, a mix of people who identify as cisgender, nonbinary, queer, heterosexual, and bisexual, range in age from early 20s to early 50s. Prior to participating in our tests, all of the panelists had used vibrators and were reliably able to achieve orgasm through vibrator use, though some were more experienced than others. We instructed our testers to use each toy themselves and to incorporate these toys into partner play when possible. We’ve also solicited long-term testing feedback from folks who bought their first vibrators based on the advice in this guide.

Because pleasure is highly subjective, our testers couldn’t possibly represent the needs and preferences of every person who may enjoy using a vibrator. To that end, we’ve interviewed more than a dozen experts and sex-toy users in order to provide additional toy recommendations, such as for vibrators that are easier to hold and operate, that are suitable for any genitalia, or that may be especially gender-affirming.

We’ve evaluated battery life by cycling the devices on and off for 20 minutes until they died, assessed overheating by letting them run for extended periods, and tested the function of waterproof vibrators. We’ve also tested interactions with lubricants.

No toy offers the level of power and intensity as the widely beloved Magic Wand. The intense stimulation it provides can be particularly helpful for people experiencing diminished libido or sensitivity.

We recommend the Magic Wand Rechargeable, an improved version of the ultra-powerful Magic Wand Original. The cordless Rechargeable model is well worth the additional investment, as it offers twice as many levels of stimulation as the Original version—including gentler options—plus an assortment of vibration patterns, an easy-to-clean silicone head, and a rechargeable battery that works with or without the power cord, with no significant decrease in power.

It works. Virtually all of our testers reported that the Magic Wand was the only toy in our test group that could consistently bring them to an intense climax quickly, intuitively, effectively, and predictably. In an essay published in the book Mothers Who Think, sex expert Susie Bright calls the Magic Wand a “miracle” because its power enables many users to have an orgasm within 60 seconds. Multiple academic research studies have found that prescribing the Magic Wand is one of the most effective therapies for women who struggle with chronic anorgasmia, or the inability to reach orgasm.

Our testers agreed, with comments like “It always makes me orgasm; never a letdown” and “Makes me climax every time.”

The battery is sufficiently long-lasting. The rechargeable battery offers both longevity and strength. We found that it lasted three and a half hours at maximum speed, spread out over a series of 20-minute intervals; it may last longer at lower speeds. If it runs out of power, you can connect it to the removable AC cord and continue using it.

The Magic Wand was the only toy in our test group that could consistently bring testers to an intense climax quickly, intuitively, effectively, and predictably.

It offers a variety of speeds and vibrations. The Magic Wand Rechargeable offers four intensity settings, two more than the Original model. There are three buttons: The first turns the vibrator on, the second cycles through four speeds ranging from relatively gentle to face-meltingly intense, and the third cycles through four vibration patterns (alternating long and short pulses, a slow long pulse, a fast short pulse, and a low-to-high “wave”). The console lights up with blue bars to indicate the strength of the vibration. People who might have previously needed to use the Original version through a blanket or pants may find the lower, gentler settings of the Rechargeable model to be more comfortable.

It’s relatively easy to grip. Testers reported that the long handle makes the Magic Wand comfortable to hold for long periods of time without hand cramping or numbness. The switch sits high enough on the handle that testers were unlikely to switch it off accidentally during use (which was an issue with some of the smaller rechargeable models).

Some testers said they disliked the texture of the Original version’s white vinyl head. The Rechargeable model features a softer, smoother silicone head, which is much easier to clean and may feel more comfortable against the body. Nonporous and less prone to discoloration, the Rechargeable model’s silicone head eliminates any previous concerns about phthalates, a plasticizer in the Original version’s vinyl head.

It can be used elsewhere on the body, too. Another great aspect of this toy is its versatility: It can stimulate nipples and penises as well as vulvas, and it can convert into a vibrating, insertable G-spot or P-spot stimulator or a penile-masturbation sleeve when you purchase and add one of many attachments designed to fit over the head. It also works well as a whole-body massager, and some owners report that it can help soothe menstrual cramps. In the unlikely event that you buy this toy and hate it as a clitoral vibrator, you can always use it on your back.

Another advantage of the Rechargeable version over the Original model is that it runs quieter—it still emits a loud hum, but in our tests it was quiet enough that when we put the toy on a bed and closed the door, it wasn’t audible through the door in the same way the Original model was.

Distributor Vibratex offers a one-year warranty for the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Many of our testers have reported that the Original version has stood up to daily use over the course of many years.

The primary complaints we’ve received from our testers about the Magic Wand Rechargeable are related to its heft (the Rechargeable model is 13 inches long with a nearly 2.5-inch-wide head, and weighs more than a pound), which can make it difficult to use in certain positions during partnered intercourse. (The rechargeable Magic Wand Mini is a smaller, less powerful version of this model, which some people may prefer for use with a partner.)

Unlike some of the other toys we tested, the Magic Wand Rechargeable is not waterproof. This makes it a bit harder to clean, as you cannot submerge it, but you can easily wash the silicone cap.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable has an automatic shutoff function at the 20-minute mark, which can be disruptive if you don’t expect it (one of our testers thought the toy had run out of battery life when this happened). The manufacturer recommends letting the toy cool off after 20 minutes to prolong the motor’s life, but you can continue to use it at this point by simply turning it back on again. Considering how intense the vibrations are, many people are unlikely to want to use it for more than 20 minutes straight regardless.

The Magic Wand Rechargeable’s control panel is slightly less intuitive and less easy to use than the dual switch of the Original model, but it’s still fairly straightforward. You could accidentally hit the wrong button during play, but switching back to the correct mode is easy enough.

And, of course, you have aesthetics to consider. A beautiful, elegant toy this is not, but it gets the job done. One tester put it best: “No [it’s not attractive], but as a sexual health academic, I know that this is the ‘OG’ of vibrators, and I respect it for keeping its original, functional design.” The Rechargeable version, though a little sleeker, has basically the same appearance as the Original model.

This corded toy is almost identical in shape, size, and power to the Magic Wand Rechargeable, but it’s available at a lower price.

If our pick is unavailable, or if you are specifically interested in a plug-in vibrator, we recommend the Magic Wand Plus. Typically retailing for about $55 less than the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the Plus model is basically identical in function and appearance, with the same vibration power, four intensity levels, and easy-to-clean silicone head.

In contrast to the Rechargeable version, the Plus model lacks vibration patterns and cordless functionality—but considering that the majority of our testers have reported that they don’t use the different vibration patterns on their vibrators, the absence of that feature in particular may be no great loss. The only other significant difference between the two models is that the Plus model is about 4 ounces lighter than the Rechargeable version (the toys without their cords weigh about 17 and 21 ounces, respectively), so the Plus model is slightly easier to maneuver and hold.

Although we did not observe a significant difference in the vibration sensations between the Rechargeable and Plus models, reviewer Epiphora did: “The Magic Wand Plus feels somewhat sharper, buzzier, and stronger, particularly on the higher settings. I asked Vibratex about this, and they theorized that the added weight of the rechargeable battery in the MWR [Magic Wand Rechargeable] slows the motor a bit, creating rumblier, slightly subdued vibes.” We did not find any difference in vibration strength dramatic enough to be a make-or-break factor in our decision between the two models.

This toy is an excellent option for those who are fans of the Magic Wand Original and wish to upgrade to a silicone head and more vibration settings but don’t mind keeping the cord. The Plus version typically costs only $10 more than the Original model.

Like the Magic Wand Original, the Magic Wand Plus has a 6-foot-long AC cord, but unlike on the Original version, it is removable (so you can store it separately and replace it if necessary; again, the toy doesn’t work without being plugged in). You can purchase replacement chargers separately, so you are no longer forced to toss the entire toy if the cord wears out, as is the case with the Original model.

This toy offers strong vibrations, has a rechargeable battery, and comes with a 15-year warranty, all at a fraction of the price of similar models.

The small, sleek Satisfyer Purple Pleasure vibrator is a steal at a typical price of $30 (a similar model from a different manufacturer that we’ve tested retails for $90), yet it makes no sacrifices in quality. With its aesthetically pleasing streamlined shape, waterproof silicone body, and USB rechargeable battery, this toy looks and feels like a more expensive “luxury” vibrator.

The Purple Pleasure’s vibrations are impressively powerful for its small size, and its intuitive two-button control panel easily guides the user through five vibration strengths and 10 vibration patterns. We recommend this toy to newbies and experienced vibrator users alike as an inexpensive yet high-quality basic vibrator. One of our testers told us that after a few weeks of regular use, she had “already recommended it to several people based on how awesome it is and the price.”

Measuring 4 inches long overall by 1.75 inches at its widest point, the Purple Pleasure consists of a 3-inch-long body made from velvety silicone, plus a 1-inch-long handle made from hard ABS plastic (which helps dampen vibrations to the hand to some degree). Our testers found that the toy fits nicely in the palm of the hand and is small enough to tuck into a travel bag or hide in a drawer. The tapered oval shape fits nicely against the vulva, with vibrations focused at the tip of the toy for clitoral stimulation. The toy is also flat enough (about 1 inch thick) for easy positioning between bodies during intercourse.

The body of the toy is silicone coated rather than solid silicone, so it has a firmness that more effectively transmits vibrations from the internal motor, eliminating the dampening effect we’ve experienced with some solid-silicone vibrators. This matte coating has a soft, suede-like texture that feels pleasant against the skin, though we recommend using it with plenty of water-based lube to reduce friction. You can easily wash the Purple Pleasure with gentle soap and water after use, as the toy has an IPX7 waterproof rating (it can safely remain submerged in water up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes). This also means you can safely use the toy in a bathtub or shower.

The Purple Pleasure’s control panel consists of a pair of buttons located above the handle on the top of the toy. Pressing the top button for a few seconds turns the vibe on and off, and the same button allows you to cycle forward through five vibration strengths and 10 patterns. The bottom button’s sole purpose is to cycle backward through the aforementioned settings—a lifesaver when you wish to revisit a prior setting without cycling through 14 other settings along the way.

The vibrations are intense and rumbly; we found the level 5 setting to be akin to level 2 on our top pick, the Magic Wand Rechargeable. The Purple Pleasure may not satisfy you if you’re accustomed to reaching orgasm at the Magic Wand’s highest levels, but it packs quite a punch for its small size, and our testers easily achieved orgasm while using it.

The Purple Pleasure recharges via a magnetic USB charging cord. Satisfyer claims that the toy can operate for up to two hours after three hours of charge time, but the actual time may vary depending on the strength at which you use the toy. We recommend periodically charging the toy to preserve its longevity, rather than allowing the battery to run down completely.

Satisfyer offers a 15-year warranty on all toys purchased through the company’s website. There is a catch, however: You must ship a defective vibrator back to the company—at your expense—in order to get it replaced.

This suction vibrator provides diffuse, customizable sensations in a small, convenient size.

The Dame Aer is the first air-suction toy that we’ve liked better than our previous picks from Womanizer (the first brand to offer this technology). It’s significantly smaller and narrower than the Womanizer Classic we also like, and it’s made from a softer silicone material that’s more comfortable against the body. Most notably, of all the suction toys we’ve tried, the Aer produces a sensation that feels most similar to oral sex, according to our testers. The nozzle’s opening is larger, with a thinner, softer rim, and it creates a sensation that is more gentle and diffuse in comparison with other suction vibrators, which can feel uncomfortably intense at times.

At around 2.86 ounces, the Aer is about an ounce lighter than the Womanizer Classic. It’s also shorter and narrower, at 4.66 inches long and 1.46 inches at its widest point. Although shorter toys can sometimes cause wrist cramping due to a need for a longer reach, the nozzle of the Aer is more dramatically angled toward the body, making it ergonomic to use. Unlike the Womanizer Classic, which is widest toward the nozzle and has a narrow handle, the Aer has a narrow head that allows it to slip easily between the labia for positioning against the clitoris. This sleek, angled shape also makes the toy convenient to use for clitoral stimulation during intercourse, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The Aer is extremely simple to charge and operate (one tester described it as having “zero learning curve”), with a magnetic USB charger port at its base and three buttons on the top of the toy. The bottom button turns the toy off and on (long hold) and cycles through five vibration patterns (press). The upper buttons move the intensity up and down through five levels. According to the manufacturer, the Aer can fully charge in two hours and can operate at the highest setting for up to one and a half hours on a full charge. In our testing, we were able to achieve a full charge from a drained battery in only an hour and 16 minutes—and the toy was still going strong after we left it on at maximum speed for two hours.

The Aer is completely waterproof, and its exterior is made from a single piece of soft matte silicone. Its suede-like texture prevents it from becoming slippery when wet, but unfortunately it can also cause the toy to pick up dust and hair if it is not stored properly (you can easily resolve the problem by giving the Aer a quick rinse in water). The rim of the nozzle—thin and flexible compared with the thicker, firmer nozzles of other suction vibrators we’ve tried—forms a nearly airtight seal without requiring the user to apply a lot of pressure, and it feels gentle against skin. Because the toy is enveloped in seamless silicone, it is quick and easy to clean.

Compared with the design of similar models we’ve considered, the Aer’s oval nozzle opening is a bit larger (measuring 0.8 by 0.5 inches), creating more diffuse airflow while maintaining a tight seal due to the soft, flexible rim. Toys with narrower nozzles have the tendency to provide clitoral stimulation that can feel too intense even on lower settings, while toys with larger nozzle openings don’t seal properly, or require uncomfortable pressure in order to create the seal. Our testers reported that the sensations of the Aer were more gentle, diffuse, and even “cloud-like,” more accurately replicating the sensations of oral sex than other models we’ve tested in the past. The five levels of intensity and five suction patterns also create a wide range of sensations.

Although our testers universally loved the Aer, this toy has one potential dealbreaking drawback: It is particularly noisy in comparison with the Womanizer’s suction vibrators, which are virtually silent. The Aer produces a jarring rattling noise when you first turn it on, but the loudness subsides once the toy is in use. If you prefer a toy that makes as little noise as possible, the Womanizer Classic may be a better choice for you.

The Aer comes with a 60-day return policy (for store credit) if purchased from the Dame website, and it is covered by a three-year warranty.

The flexible pointed tip of this teardrop-shaped vibrator offers intense pinpoint stimulation, while the loop handle makes it easier than most to hold.

If you prefer gentler, pinpointed stimulation, the Lelo Dot may be the best choice for you. The teardrop-shaped Dot looks a bit odd at first glance, but its accessible design offers focused clitoral stimulation. We recommend the Dot as an alternative to our picks from Magic Wand for people who prefer extremely intense clitoral stimulation, as its concentrated vibrations feel much stronger than they would if spread across the surface of a larger toy.

The Dot features a tapered tip (measuring an eighth of an inch at its narrowest point) that offers pinpointed, rather than broad, clitoral stimulation. Made from soft, flexible matte silicone, the Dot delivers vibrations that are intensely concentrated at the pointed tip of the toy, with relatively little vibration resonating into the hard-plastic loop-shaped handle. As a result, it’s easy to apply a lot of intense stimulation precisely where you want.

With eight vibration settings, this stimulation can range from gentle to extremely intense, and a little goes a long way. It’s also a good toy to use in tandem with penetrative intercourse—it is small and easy for either partner to hold and position.

The Dot is fairly straightforward to charge and operate. A USB charging cord inserts into a port on the base of the toy, and a two-hour charge will give you approximately two hours of play. The vibrator has three buttons on the underside of the handle: one to turn it off and on and switch between eight different patterns, one to increase intensity, and one to decrease intensity.

The toy has an IPX7 waterproof rating (meaning it can withstand being submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes) and is made from molded silicone and plastic, so it’s relatively easy to clean. It comes with a one-year warranty, plus a 10-year guarantee that allows you to purchase a replacement model for 50% of the original price should your toy break in the decade following the initial year of coverage.

The Dot also is one of the more accessible toys we have tested. Vibrators with “loop” handles like the Dot’s are easier to grip, and toys that don’t vibrate too much in the handle are gentler on hands.

If you want a Magic Wand but prefer to spend less: The Magic Wand Original remains an excellent budget alternative to our top pick, the Magic Wand Rechargeable, though most people who want a corded toy are likely to prefer the upgrades that our runner-up pick, the Magic Wand Plus, offers.

If you think a smaller Magic Wand would suit you better: Measuring 9.6 inches and weighing 9.7 ounces, the rechargeable Magic Wand Mini is over 3 inches shorter and 11 ounces lighter than the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Unlike the full-size version, it cannot function while plugged in and charging, and it has only three settings, compared with the Rechargeable model’s four. Though the Mini’s smaller size makes it more travel-friendly, less cumbersome, and somewhat easier to use in partner play, our testers said it felt significantly less powerful. The maximum settings on the two toys are comparable, at 6,000 rpm on the Mini and 6,300 rpm on the Rechargeable. But in use, the third setting on the Mini feels closer to the second setting on the Rechargeable.

If you’re looking for even more vibrations than the Magic Wand offers: The Doxy Original is an upgraded alternative to the corded Magic Wand models, offering comparably powerful—if not more powerful—vibrations with approximately twice as many intensity levels (ranging from mild to extreme), an aesthetically pleasing design, and an extra-long, 9-foot-10 cord. However, this model is typically around $30 more expensive than our runner-up pick, the Magic Wand Plus, which is a better value overall. Like the Magic Wand, the Doxy Original has one year of warranty coverage.

If you prefer a smaller vibrator with extra oomph: The Dame Pom is a solid choice. We found this vibrator to be a nice upgrade to our budget pick, the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure; its flexible form should work well for a variety of anatomies (a trans woman who’d recently recovered from bottom surgery recommended this model to us, saying that it helped her “get [her] sexuality back”). This palm-size vibrator is made of squishy, soft, pliable silicone, with a tapered shape featuring a “nub” that sits on the clitoris. The toy’s vibrations, while not as strong as those from most wand toys, are sufficiently powerful and rumbly. One minor drawback is that two of the control buttons are on the underside of the toy rather than on the top, but this is by no means a dealbreaker.

If you want an ultra-quiet suction vibrator: The Womanizer Classic is an excellent suction toy, though we prefer the price and features of the similar Dame Aer. Womanizer pioneered this air-suction technology, and the Classic model offers the perfect blend of elegant form and function, with intuitive controls and eight levels of stimulation intensity. The Classic toy also operates more quietly than the Aer vibrator and has a five-year warranty.

If you want a high-performance model that costs less than our pick: Approximately the shape and size of an asthma inhaler, the Unbound Puff is small, quiet, powerful, and—at $48—budget-friendly. A transmasculine person taking testosterone recommended this model to us, noting that the larger opening made it comfortable to use with a larger clitoris. Although this model is less expensive and quieter than the Dame Aer, we ultimately preferred the Aer’s soft and flexible opening for gentler, more versatile stimulation.

If you want a suction vibrator that (no kidding) can double as a night-light: Consider the Osuga Cuddly Bird. It’s one of our favorite suction toys to emerge in recent years, but it has a significantly shorter warranty than the Dame Aer (just one year versus the Aer’s three). It is also bulkier than the Aer and thus less convenient for use during partner sex. The Cuddly Bird is quieter than the Aer, however, and it is made from a soft, squishy silicone that is comfortable to hold. It comes with a futuristic-looking, illuminated charging dock. Although this toy offers excellent suction stimulation, we were less impressed by its plain vibration function, which our testers said was not powerful enough.

If you want a “rose toy”: We like Inya The Rose from NS Novelties. The “rose toy” became a viral sensation on TikTok for its affordable price and powerful air-suction technology similar to that of our suction-vibrator pick, the Dame Aer. At least three manufacturers make a seemingly identical version of this toy, and you can find countless lookalikes on Amazon, typically selling for $30 to $60. We tested Inya The Rose (a little over $45 at this writing), one of two models sold by a reputable sex-toy retailer. Our testers loved the powerful strength of its three vibration levels, and they found that the four vibration patterns enhance stimulation (instead of being a useless gimmick). Nevertheless, we’ve concluded that the Dame Aer is the better choice overall. Although the Aer is pricier and noisier than the Inya rose toy, the large mouth of the Aer makes that toy gentler and easier to position on the clitoris, and it offers five levels of suction strength instead of the Inya rose toy’s three. One tester found that the buttons on the Aer are easier to operate, as well, allowing you to scale intensity up or down one step at a time, rather than having to cycle through seven settings to arrive at your preferred level. The Aer is also covered by a longer warranty (three years, versus one year for the Inya rose toy).

If you want both internal and external stimulation: The Shegasm 5 Star Rabbit is a worthwhile buy. Although this dual-function toy cannot strictly be classified as a clitoral vibrator, it was one of our testers’ favorite models overall. The 5 Star Rabbit combines clitoral suction similar to that of the Womanizer Classic, with a unique thumping mechanism on the shaft of the toy for internal stimulation. Two testers actually preferred the suction mechanism on this vibrator to the Womanizer Classic’s, finding that the 5 Star Rabbit’s larger opening transmitted sensations in a more even, pleasurable way. Those testers deemed this toy a “new favorite,” with one describing it as “unlike any toy I’ve experienced before and definitely an amazing experience.” The other loved this toy’s ability to create “a hands-free blended orgasm.” The tester continued, “The suction held it in place, and it did all the work for me!” The toy has a five-year warranty.

You can find plenty of vibrators that cost less than $100 (including some of our picks), and someone who is new to vibrators may find a less expensive model useful to help determine whether the general sensation is something they enjoy. But for people who already know that they like using a vibrator, our $100-plus picks are reliable and well worth the investment. All are body safe, easy to clean, and long-lasting.

Since 2014 we’ve tested a handful of sub-$100 vibrators, finding many of them severely lacking in some respect. For example, we discovered that the Je Joue Mimi worked best on only one setting, and even then it produced uneven vibrations. The Satisfyer Pro 2, which stimulated with suction and seemed like a promising competitor for the Dame Aer, caused our testers occasional discomfort. And owners report that the inexpensive Wahl All Body Powerful Therapeutic Massager breaks easily.

Materials considered to be body safe include 100% silicone (some toys that manufacturers bill as silicone are made from a blend of silicone and other materials, so you should make sure that the toy is actually 100% silicone), borosilicate glass, metals such as stainless steel, and hard, nonporous plastics such as ABS and lucite.

The presence of possibly toxic chemicals in sex toys has been a source of significant concern in the sex-toy-aficionado community. Sex toys are not well researched—beyond this study by the Swedish Chemicals Agency—or regulated by any consumer-safety agencies. The researchers behind a 2006 report (PDF) name five hazardous substances that they found in the studied sex toys, and they conclude that “normal” usage of the tested toys (which they define as 15 minutes once a week) is safe for most people. However, the anus and rectum are delicate mucous membranes that are highly absorptive and prone to irritation, and many people use their toys more frequently than 15 minutes per week. For this reason, we decided to err on the side of caution and choose toys made from high-quality, nonporous materials for this guide.

Keeping sex toys clean is extremely important for helping to prevent sexually transmitted infections, especially if you share your toys with partners. We recommend that you cover your toys with a condom when sharing them with partners, especially if it’s someone with whom you are not fluid-bonded (that is, you typically use barriers for other types of sexual activity).

If you’re using a toy with a condom, make sure that the condom covers the entire surface that comes in contact with your genitals. The condom should be thin enough for you to see, feel, and press the buttons through the barrier. Do not use oil-based lubricants with condoms, and make sure to remove and dispose of the condom directly after use. Do not reuse condoms with toys, as that practice is unsanitary and a sure way to encourage the condom to break.

Waterproof toys made from nonporous materials such as silicone and stainless steel can tolerate washing with soap and warm water. If you have non-waterproof toys, carefully wipe them clean with a solution of soap and warm water. Spray-on toy cleanser can be useful for toys that you cannot submerge.

Generally you don’t need to disinfect toys that only one person uses or that stay covered with condoms. Some nonporous, nonmotorized toys can go into the dishwasher without soap for steam sanitizing. Alternatively, you can boil most nonporous, nonmotorized toys in hot water. You can soak waterproof toys of all stripes in a 10% bleach solution for 10 minutes to disinfect them, then thoroughly wash them with soap and water afterward.

We recommend storing toys in boxes or pouches to keep them dust-free and putting them in a cool, dark place where they will not have exposure to direct sunlight. Many high-end manufacturers include cloth pouches or attractive storage boxes with their toys.

Most sex toys require nothing more than soap and water to keep clean. But you can sanitize and even sterilize some toys using other simple methods.

Most quality sex-toy manufacturers offer limited warranties or guarantees in the event that your vibrator breaks within a certain amount of time (typically one to three years). To make a claim on your warranty, you need to purchase the toy from a licensed retailer (due to problems with counterfeit toys being sold on Amazon and elsewhere) and save the receipt.

When you’re shopping for a sex toy, investing in a quality personal lubricant is also a good idea. Lubricant eases penetration of all types, increases comfort and sexual pleasure, and reduces friction and genital irritation. Using lubricant with toys is an especially important consideration for people experiencing hormonal shifts due to aging, menopause, or other life changes, as well as for those taking estrogen or testosterone as gender-affirming therapy, which can lead to genital dryness or increased fragility of genital tissues. Even people who produce abundant natural lubrication may benefit from using lube for additional comfort.

If you wish to use a lubricant with your toy (as experts often recommend), keep in mind that only water-based lube is safe to use with all types of toys. Oil-based lubricants are not just unsafe for use with condoms but can also interact badly with toys made of soft plastic or rubber, causing the devices to disintegrate or to leach chemicals (PDF). Silicone lubricants are great for anal play, but unfortunately they interact negatively with silicone toys.

There is some controversy surrounding the impact of silicone lube on silicone toys, so we decided to conduct our own test. We applied a quarter-sized amount of Überlube-brand silicone lubricant to a patch toward the base of nine different toys, rubbed it into the surface of each toy for one minute to simulate friction, and then left the toys to sit for an hour.

We recommend water-based lube because it is safe to use with all types of toys.

At the end of this experiment, we discovered that the lube had an effect on every single toy. In the best instances, the patch exposed to lube appeared slightly raised; in the worst cases, the lube completely removed the finish from the toy, causing it to become gummy, sticky, and blistered. The staff at Early to Bed replicated our test and found similar results.

In some cases you can scrub off the stickiness, but we do not recommend using silicone lubricants with silicone toys because we don’t really know how such lubricants will affect the porosity and integrity of the toys over time.

The Dame Com wand vibrator has an appealing ergonomic shape (it curves toward the body), as well as an easy-to-clean all-silicone body. However, we did not find its vibrations to be as powerful as those of the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and the vibrations are strong all through the handle, making this toy unpleasant to hold for an extended period of time.

The corded Doxy Number 3 is a smaller, quieter version of the Doxy Original. Although this sleek wand is both aesthetically pleasing and powerful, it costs quite a bit more than our Magic Wand picks and the original Doxy.

The Goop Wellness Double-Sided Wand Vibrator is an excellent beginner pick, functioning as two toys in one for under $100. This beautifully designed double-sided toy offers two distinct types of stimulation: The round, Magic Wand–like head offers broad, diffuse stimulation, while the pointed end offers more targeted clitoral stimulation similar to that of the Maude Vibe. Our testers found that the sensations from the round end, while powerful, are not as intense as the Magic Wand’s and may feel too diffuse to get some people over the edge. Although the pointed end can work as an insertable toy, for our testers it was not an ideal shape for G-spot stimulation; still, the pointed end is an excellent clitoral vibrator. One potential drawback is that the entire toy transmits strong vibrations when either motor is switched on, which may irritate the user’s hands while they’re holding it for a prolonged time.

The Le Wand Original is almost virtually identical to the Magic Wand Rechargeable in both function and appearance, though it offers a few unique selling points, namely 10 levels of vibration instead of four, a flexible neck, and three color options (white, silver/gray, and pink). The trade-off is that it’s $50 more expensive, and it lacks the quick on/off switch of the Magic Wand Rechargeable. Level 10 on the Le Wand Original does not offer significantly more intensity than level 4 on the Magic Wand Rechargeable, and this toy’s vibrations feel somewhat less rumbly. Although this model is an excellent wand vibrator, we don’t recommend it over our top pick unless color options are important to you. Like the Magic Wand Rechargeable, the Le Wand Original is covered by a one-year warranty.

We considered the rechargeable Unbound Ollie as an inexpensive alternative to the Magic Wand Rechargeable. This wand vibrator is definitely more aesthetically pleasing and easier to clean than the Magic Wand, as it’s completely coated in soft silicone in an appealing shade of pastel turquoise. However, our testers said the vibrations were less powerful than those of both the Magic Wand and the Doxy Original; they also discovered that the Ollie’s flexible head, which initially seemed like an improvement on those of the other wands we tested, had some serious flaws. One tester, who has used the Magic Wand as her go-to toy for five years, reported that after a few uses of the Ollie, she “had it pressed up against [her] clit, hard but not like ... Hulk hard,” and “the ‘stem’ between the head and the wand seemed to have snapped.” The tester continued, “It still vibrates, but it’s not connecting enough to make it functional.” In reviews, buyers have reported similar problems, saying, “I used it like 5 times and then it broke” and “really good but broke after 5 uses.”

The Wahl All Body Powerful Therapeutic Massager is a popular budget alternative to the Magic Wand that features intense power concentrated in a smaller head, but owners report that it breaks more easily.

We also looked at some smaller, battery-operated or rechargeable alternatives to the Magic Wand, including the Lelo Smart Wand (now superseded by the Smart Wand 2, which we haven’t tested), the Mystic Wand (currently unavailable), and the Palm Power Massager. None could surpass the Magic Wand in terms of both time-tested power and value.

We tried but dismissed a budget suction-vibration toy that’s a top seller on Amazon. At a fraction of the price of the Dame Aer and the Womanizer Classic, the Adorime Bita is a very good value for a rechargeable toy. However, our tester found it somewhat lacking: “While it felt like the Womanizer [Classic] fit perfectly against my clitoris, the Adorime’s open, round head was less effective at creating the same powerful suction effect.”

The Beso Plus was our least favorite of the clitoral suction/G-spot dual-stimulator vibrators we’ve tried. Our tester found the “mouth” of the toy to be uncomfortably firm and irritating.

The Biird Namii is somewhat large and cumbersome, and its vibrations are weaker than those of similar models we tested.

Like the Shegasm 5 Star Rabbit we like, the Inya Sonnet provides dual stimulation, offering both clitoral suction and internal vibration. At $55, it’s half the price as the Shegasm model, although it lacks the thumping mechanism that makes the 5 Star Rabbit a standout. The Sonnet is a fine toy, but our tester preferred the 5 Star Rabbit overall. The 5 Star Rabbit is also covered by a longer warranty (five years versus the Sonnet’s one).

The Satisfyer Pro 2 uses suction technology similar to that of the Womanizer models. However, we found that the nozzle on the Satisfyer is made of a harder material and is less contoured to the shape of the clitoris, making this toy less comfortable and more difficult to position correctly to achieve proper suction.

The Womanizer OG is a wand with a larger suction mouth designed for internal (G-spot) stimulation, though it can also be used externally. Unfortunately, the suction feels somewhat weak; we think this model does not live up to its $200 price tag. However, some customer reviewers who say they have large clitorises, prefer more gentle stimulation, or like a longer handle say they’ve found this toy to be good for external stimulation.

The Womanizer Premium is significantly more expensive than the Classic; we’re not convinced that its added “autopilot” and “smart silence” features are worth an additional $60 or so.

We tested the CalExotics Tulip and Jasmine vibrators. The Tulip features a rolling ball bearing at the flat tip of the toy, which feels quite strong against a fingertip but provides less-intense stimulation when pressed against a clitoris. Positioning it is complicated, and our testers said it did not provide enough stimulation to be satisfying. The Jasmine has a small, flexible, vibrating “tongue” set in a loop that is supposed to encircle the clitoris. Though this toy provides powerful, focused stimulation, we found such pinpoint stimulation to be more intense and easier to position with toys like the Lelo Dot and the Dame Aer.

The Inmi Vibrassage series features three vibrator models, each of which uses three individual tendrils to stimulate the clitoris. The two models we tested, the Fondle and the Caress, each have one stationary vibrating leg and two legs that rotate in circular motions to stimulate the clitoris. We preferred the longer handle of the Fondle, which made it easier and more ergonomically comfortable to use. Both testers who tried these toys said that using them involved a learning curve, and while one tester enjoyed the novel sensations and achieved orgasm using them, our other tester could not, even after multiple sessions. We would recommend these models, which are typically priced around $90, to experienced sex-toy connoisseurs looking for something different, rather than to newbies shopping for their first vibrator.

Before the Lelo Dot, we recommended the Zumio S as our also-great pick for precise stimulation. We still love the stimulation that this toy provides, but we have encountered some issues with battery longevity during long-term testing. Although Zumio covers the toy with a two-year warranty, all three units we’ve long-term tested have exhibited a decline in battery life toward the end of their warranty period. Additionally, the Zumio S—which is designed to be stored in its charger—has a longer-than-usual charging period (16 hours). After two years of occasional use, one Zumio S we tested barely retained a lasting charge if we charged it for less than the full 16 hours, and even on a full charge, it stopped running after 1 hour 45 minutes—well under the promised two-hour run time.

We tested the Zalo Bess as an alternative to the Zumio S. Like the Zumio S, the Zalo Bess has a narrow tip for precise stimulation. It comes with three attachment tips, which in our tests did not produce significant functional differences. The Bess’s handle can technically serve as an insertable G-spot vibrator, too, but we found that feature impractical and therefore chose not to test it. Although this toy is a great value and provides pinpoint stimulation similar to that of the Zumio S, its primary drawback is its control panel. Most vibrators offer multiple vibration levels that you can cycle through before the pattern settings begin, or a separate button for the pattern settings altogether, but the Bess has three levels of continuous vibration strengths mixed in between five vibration patterns at random. If you are not interested in the patterns, cycling through this hodgepodge of settings to find your desired level of vibration can be confusing.

In an earlier version of this guide, we named the CalExotics Silver Bullet as our budget pick. Subsequently we concluded that the pricier but cordless Satisfyer Purple Pleasure offered stronger vibrations, was made of better-quality materials, and was more aesthetically pleasing.

While the Luna Ava vibrator is a steal at $30, don’t expect it to replace your Magic Wand anytime soon. We found its vibrations to be more buzzy than rumbly, and the 20 different settings are a nuisance given that there is no back-or-forth button—you have to click through all 20 to return to the one you started with.

The Maude Vibe was our previous budget pick. We loved its simple, utilitarian design and powerful vibrations (with three intensity modes), as well as its relatively affordable price. Unfortunately, two long-term testers encountered issues with the toy’s lithium-ion battery bricking within or just after the one-year warranty period, particularly if they didn’t keep it consistently charged.

While the thick, long Rocks Off Chaiamo vibrator is powerful, we found it generally worked better as an insertable toy than for clitoral stimulation. While the toy’s length makes it ergonomically friendly, the vibrations tended to be more diffuse, offering less focused stimulation and causing it to be uncomfortable to hold.

The Satisfyer Dark Desire is quite similar in size and power to our budget pick, the Purple Pleasure, but we found the wider tip to be less convenient for positioning and the textured silicone to be more irritating than pleasurable. We loved the strong vibrations and easy-to-hold loop handle on the brand’s White Temptation but found the loaf-like shape to be awkward to use, preferring the tapered silhouette of the Purple Pleasure.

Satisfyer’s Ultra Power Bullet line includes eight models. We tried the 6, which is similar in shape and size to a fountain pen. Unfortunately, we found the toy’s vibrations to be a bit buzzy compared to those of the rumbly and similarly shaped We-Vibe Tango (see below). And the Ultra Power Bullet 6’s handle vibrates to an unpleasant degree.

The Unbound Pep is a cute and affordable palm-sized vibrator, but unfortunately we found that the thick silicone caused the vibrations to feel “dampened” and not as focused and powerful as those from similar models, including the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure we recommend and the Dame Pom we like.

We still love the tiny but super-powerful We-Vibe Tango. It’s a good value for a rechargeable, bullet-style toy that is small enough to fit in a pocket but capable of delivering the rumbly intensity of a much larger vibrator. Although we recommend this model as a starter vibrator, for some of our testers the hard plastic became slippery and difficult to hold when it came in contact with lubricant. This was not the case with the less expensive Satisfyer Purple Pleasure.

The tiny, egg-shaped Blush Novelties Aria Flutter Tongue is adorable, but we found the Evolved Tongue Tied to be a better overall choice among tongue-style vibrators (see below). The small, flickering “tongue” on the Aria Flutter Tongue is inset in a mouth similar to that of a suction vibrator such that the tongue’s motion isn’t hindered by excess pressure, but overall we found this toy’s size and speed more irritating than pleasurable.

Dame’s original Eva vibrator was appealing in concept as a “hands-free, strap-free, non-intrusive couples’ vibrator.” Unfortunately, our testers found that it didn’t stay in place well: “The only issue with the thing is its strapless design, which means that during PIV [penis-in-vagina intercourse] the thing just falls right off unless you’re flat on your back and trying your best not to move too much. Too much focusing on keeping the toy in place takes attention away from the act itself.” Others found it too weak and “buzzy” to be satisfying.

We found the second-generation Dame Eva an improvement on the original: It is smaller, easier to position, and more powerful. But it still has the same issues with being “buzzy” and slipping around during partner play. We found that it stayed in place best during the cowgirl (person with vagina on top) position. Couples looking for a little added stimulation during intercourse may enjoy this toy for that purpose.

The Dame Kip is a perfectly effective and elegant lipstick-style vibrator, but it is usually more expensive than the equally powerful Satisfyer Purple Pleasure.

The Evolved Tongue Tied is our favorite of the “tongue” vibrators we’ve tested. While they’re not as pinpointed as those from the Lelo Dot, we did find that this vibrator’s flickering tongue (measuring about 1 inch long and 0.25 inches wide at the tip) offers powerful, focused sensations. There can be a bit of a learning curve in terms of optimal positioning when using this toy, as applying too much pressure may cause the tongue’s motion to stall.

We decided to test the Fun Factory Volta on the recommendation of esteemed sex-toy blogger Epiphora, who gave it a glowing review and selected it as one of the best sex toys of 2018. Both testers who tried the Volta enjoyed the dual vibrating tips of this versatile toy that has a loop handle for easy holding, and they said it was an excellent vibrator, but they did not think it was better than the similarly priced Dame Aer or Zumio S, both of which also offer unusual mechanisms of their own. The Volta definitely involves a bit of a learning curve, and it’s probably a better choice for advanced sex-toy users. Finding the ideal placement for the two vibrating tips requires some trial and error—an intriguing experiment for the sex-toy fan who has tried it all and is craving something new, but a frustrating experience for those who desire a cut-to-the-chase, intuitive toy.

The vibrations of the Je Joue Mimi felt jerky and choppy at the lower speeds and caused the motor to make wheezing noises. This toy works best if you use it at its maximum setting, provided that the maximum setting is not too strong or weak for your personal tastes.

Lelo’s Siri 2 is a fine toy, but it’s a bit expensive compared with the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, which is more streamlined and less gimmicky. We also tested Lelo’s classic hard-plastic Nea 2, which is plenty powerful for its tiny size but does not compare to the We-Vibe Tango and its ultra-intense vibrations.

We chose not to test the since-discontinued Unbound Squish because it appeared to be very similar to the Minna Limon, which also offers programmable stimulation and squeeze-pressure technology. Our tester who tried Minna’s similar Ola toy (currently unavailable) found this technology to be more gimmicky than innovative.

A favorite of sex-toy blogger Epiphora, the bejeweled pastel Pillow Talk Sassy is affordably priced and offers powerful vibrations that can work for either clitoral or G-spot stimulation. Although our testers liked the sleek shape and size of this model, in our tests it generally worked better as a G-spot toy than as a clitoral vibrator. The Sassy’s sibling, the Pillow Talk Flirty bullet, is designed specifically for clitoral stimulation, but we found that its vibrations were not as strong as those of our budget pick.

We were intrigued by the Pipedream Fantasy for Her because it offers a different type of stimulation than any other vibrator we’ve tested. You place a cup attached at the end of the toy (either round or oval) over the vulva to provide broad suction stimulation, while the internal “tongue” flicks back and forth over the clitoris. The handle of this toy also works well as an insertable G-spot vibrator. Although the Fantasy for Her provides a unique and very pleasurable form of stimulation, we encountered a difficult learning curve when figuring out how best to position and operate the toy for the ideal amount of both clitoral stimulation and suction. The four buttons on the control console are a bit confusing and challenging to use: One turns on the tongue, one turns on the vibrator within the G-spot handle, one activates and cycles through three levels of suction, and the last one either releases the suction or causes it to pulse. In our tests it was sometimes necessary for us to press a button multiple times to activate the desired function.

We decided not to test the original Smile Makers’s The Billionaire because it required one AA battery for four hours of use. The redesigned version has a rechargeable battery, but costs $20 more than the Satisfyer Purple Pleasure, and is covered by a lesser warranty.

The Tenga Iroha Temari is an exceptionally cool-looking vibrator inspired by traditional Japanese textile designs, with a unique swiveling head, a base designed to reduce the transmission of vibrations to the hand, and a convenient fitted cover that keeps the vibrator discreet and dust-free when not in use. Although this vibrator offers powerful vibrations for its small size, our testers found it to be a bit noisy compared with other models and tricky to clean around the edges of the swiveling head.

The Wild Flower Enby 2 is a versatile vibrator that can be used both by people with penises and people with vulvas. Shaped like a miniature bicycle seat, the Enby 2 features a vibrating protrusion that expands out to a flexible, flat, triangular silicone surface that transmits the vibrations. We like the concept, and we found the vibrations to be plenty strong. But we do not think this toy is the best pick for solo clitoral play (unless you prefer “riding” or grinding against a vibrator while lying face down, as opposed to holding it in place with your hand). We do think this toy has great potential for use during partnered intercourse, where the person with the vulva is on top.

This article was edited by Tracy Vence and Kalee Thompson.

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Bianca Alba, MPH, is a nonbinary sexual health educator, coach, and journalist based in Las Vegas. S/he was formerly managing editor of a Kinsey Institute blog. S/he has presented academic research on transgender youth health advocacy and menstrual biohacking, and is passionate about normalizing healthy discussions of sexuality in everyday life.

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